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The 10th conference of the EFPP “IPM 2.0 – Towards future-proof crop protection in Europe” 1- 5 October 2012, organised in Wageningen by the KNPV was a great success. It was the first multidisciplinary conference on the new EU-policy to increase IPM in the member states by National Action Plans. More than 150 participants from about 25 countries discussed all principles of IPM in three phases. First, National and EU policy representatives outlined what the aims for policy and the society are with respect to sustainable crop protection, and how National Action Plans on the development of IPM would support this EU-policy. In this way they provided the future research agenda to researchers with respect to preventive and culture measures and the (restricted use) of pesticides.  Then, the multidisciplinary researchers discussed what already has been established in various crops and cropping systems with regards to IPM-tools and IPM implementation, and what socio-economically and technical constraints prevent implementing IPM principles at farmers level. And finally,  promising future possibilities have been discussed based on advanced diagnostic, genomics, biocontrol, DSS and resistance breeding technologies.  

All participants acknowledged the unique scope of this multidisciplinary conference as well as the perfect timing at the start of the ambitious implementation of the new EU-policy on IPM till 2020. They all endorsed a follow-up after a few years to evaluate in a mid-term whether researchers have been successful in providing new IPM-tools that support the EU-policy. The organisers (KNPV/EFPP) declared to support the organisation of such a meeting in 2015/2016.

On behalf of the local organizing committee,
Piet Boonekamp (President) and Gert Kema (General Secretary)

Participant IPM 2.0 Wageningen

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