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New: Final program with abstracts and presentations


Key-note speakers

Dr. Timothy Hall, European Commission, Unit Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture (Directorate E)

Dr. Françoise Petter, European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO/OEPP)

Prof. Beat Keller, Institute of Plant Biology University of Zürich

Silke Dachbrodt-Saaydeh, Julius Kühn-Institut

Dr. Sjaak Bakker,  Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw

Dr. Christian Steinberg, INRA UMR de Microbiologie du Sol et de l'Environnement

Dr. Pierre Ricci, INRA’s Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Ir. Frank Wijnands, Wageningen UR, PPO Arable Farming, Multifunctional Agriculture and Field Production of Vegetables 

Dr. Hans Helder, Wageningen University, Laboratory of Nematology


This conference offered a broad evaluation of existing and required technologies and
their implementation for disease management in a broad variety of agronomical settings:

- Opening presentation
on the implications of these EU regulations in practice, also in the future

- Keynote presentations and parallel sessions
on eight themes in accordance with the directives as laid out in the new EU regulations

1. New threats or old threats in new surroundings
2. Agronomical trends in EU
3. National Action Plans
4. Innovative cultivation systems
5 . IPM of soil-borne pathogens
6. Selective breeding / resistance management
7. Socio-economic approach: how to apply IPM in agricultural practice
8. IPM techniques, towards IPM 3.0
9. Best Practices of IPM:
  a. Important European crops: tomato, cereals, potato, sugar beet
  b. Fruit: soft fruit (raspberry, strawberry), hard fruit (apple, pear), viticulture, olive, citrus
  c. Ornamental crops

- Evening 'master classes' with no-jargon key-notes 
a. recent technologies and how they can be applied in future IPM approaches
b. an inter-active presentation on social perception and adaptation of your research message 

- Day trip to the Floriade 2012, the World Horticultural Expo in Venlo, The Netherlands
(with an exciting presentation of state-of-the-art agricultural production)